Sunday, October 16, 2016

Genestealers identified on Hemera

The rise of Nemesis, or at least its insidious Genestealer cults had spread further than the Harakhty Dynasty. On 1810.016M42 reports of rebellion on Hemera resulted in a significant force of Novgorod and Lycaon Guard being deployed to the Imperial outpost of Hemera. There the arrival of Imperial forces, far from settling the situation down, led to the "rebels" attacking in force.

Instead of alliance or Federal backed insurgency, the imperium were deeply concerned to discover a genestealer cult on the world. THis the Novgorod guard managed to surpress thanks to overwhelming manpower, but the news made its way to Inquisitor Huron, who abandoned his mission in the Valitane subsector to return to the investigation of Xenos threats in the Aleph Sector

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