Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Libria IV: Loyalist advances swiftly reversed

After the destruction of the Warhaound in Porthaven, the loyalist forces quickly resolved to destroy the traitorous Ultramarines Legion and their crazed ideas about the imperial creed. Inquisitor Hathek was particularly keen that the news of the Ultramarines Legion joining the alliance was to be kept strictly secret, and the imperium began a campaign of propagada describing the Ultramarines as rebellious mercenaries and not true astartes.

Nothing could be further from the truth however, as many in the legion remembered the Emperor himself, and his edicts against religion, something whichthey could never forget. The Space Wolves volunteered to put an end to the Legion, as the Ultramarines chapter simply could not bring themselves to fight what were effectively their forefathers. The Space Wolves however almost relished the task, and put togetyher their most effective fighting force, dropping on the legion forces in the South Park area of the city.

A brutal fight developed between the astartes forces, as millenia old passions came to the fore. The savagery of the Space Wolves however could not be overcome by the equipment advantage enjoyed by the Legion forces, and the Ultramarines suffered severe losses. Withdrawing, the legion now had to consider how to add new recruits to its force, and where to base themselves going forward.

While the Astartes fought brutally in the southern region of the city, the alliance were already planning an outflanking move with the alliance mechanicum forces preparing elite forces in the Commercia district. Their advance took the Novgorod Guard vy surprise, and the loyalists found themselves pushed back once again. Porthaven was rapidly turning into a quagmire neither side appeared to be able to end.

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