Friday, April 24, 2009

Catechism Loot the Deeps

During much of 04.009M42 the Catechism, apart from continuing their war on Alphe, sent multiple expeditions into the Perseus Deeps in order to secure a wider base of manpower and natural resources to the galactic north of their existing Empire, and to scout out potential routes to Imperial Hub systems, without the need to use the heavily fortified and patrolled spacelanes used by Imperial shipping.

The missions were largely successful, establishing small bases and securing vital resources for the Catechism, only Ork warbands posing a serious challenge to the elite fighting forces of the Catechism. This diversion however meant that in the short term, progress on Alphe was slowed as forces were deployed elsewhere.

On 2304.009M42, in recognition of the recent Catechism triumphs and their continued successes over the Imperium, Tau and Eldar in the region, Moonface unvieled a 500 metre high statue, of himself, in the luxuriant capital of Priam, Moonopolis.

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