Friday, April 10, 2009

Dark Angels Defeated – Eastby Falls

Imperial Commanders were dismayed as even the veteran Dark Angels were unable to halt the onslaught of the Moonface Catechism.As the traitor legion advanced towards Merridale, the loyal Space Marines took up positions on high ground overlooking the swamps that dot the southern hemisphere of the planet. The Dark Angels dug deep, inviting the Catechism to advance into their guns.
A tense fight broke out, as the Catechism advanced using the thick cover of St Methusula's Rose, a brightly coloured plant native to Alphe. By the time the traitor marines reached the loyalist lines almost no casualties had been taken. Here the Catechism's close-quarter expertise could come to the fore, as Dark Angel assault marines struggled against warriors dedicated to the Chaos god Nurgle, and mighty Daemon Lords rampaged through heavy weapons teams.

The Dark Angels were routed, and the Catechism pushed onwards to reach Merridale. The city is in a defensible position, with a supply route from Oldmere Island that the Catechism will be unable to cut off. The city of Pryford is not so fortunate, and with traitor guard spotted on the outskirts it is believed Moonface will try and surround the city before attacking.

One glimmer of hope for the Imperium came from an unlikely source. The Catechism were spotted fighting a force of Tzeentch Daemons just south of Merridale. Neither side were able to gain the upper hand, but both suffered heavy casualties which is a great hindrance to the Catechism's advance. Was this an attempt to control a Daemonic host gone wrong? Revenge on a broken pact? It is unknown, but Imperial commanders are debating how they might capitalise on the Catechism's struggles against Daemonic forces.

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