Friday, April 24, 2009

Nemesis Sighted

On 08.009M42 the loss of contact with Betor, a strategically insignificant agri-world, was finally investigated at the behest of an unnamed inquisitor. He was sent with a strong force of Imperial Capital ships to the Betor system, under the command of Admiral Doenitz. Shortly after his arrival the psykers in the system reported abnormal dreams, headaches and all manner of problems, and were unable to communicate with their uplink station on Tarsis Major. While the crews of the ships puzzled the Inquisitor ordered the fleet to stay in place, without informing the admiral as to the nature of the problems.

Five days later the psychic disturbances had spread to the planet of Betor itself, and Admiral Doenits demanded an answer. He got none, and was told to maintain battle stations. Three more days passed, then the tyranid hive ships appeared in the Betor system. A man of deep Imperial conviction, Admiral Doenitz immediately attacked, unaware of the tyranid bioships capabilities. Despite heroic bravery the fearsome short range power of these monsters became apparent as much of Doenitz's fleet was torn apart by claws, jaws, acid and spores. After an engagement lasting several hours, the Imperial fleet fled they system, abandonning Betor to its fate, as the Inquisitor made his reports.

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