Friday, April 03, 2009

Space Marine Slaughter

After their success against the Porphyrian reserve regiments the Dark Eldar threat on Sartano was considered dire enough to call upon the Space Marines. The Scions of Ra answered the call. A scouting force stumbled upon what appeared to be a small contingent of Dark Eldar. The position was called in and the Scions converged to engage.

At first the battle went well, as the aliens were sent ducking for cover. However, this was not before some strange xeno tech was deployed. Suddenly a large force seemed to appear from thin air and descend upon the Scions’ line. Wyches leapt from raiders into tactical squads, supported by flanking Talos and Warp Beast packs. Vicious close quarter combat erupted, in which the Dark Eldar superior skill proceeded to overpower squad after squad. The alien Lord and her retinue met the Chaplin and Assault Marines head on. While the Space Marines were matching the Wyches blow for blow, the Lord was beyond compare. She cut down the Chaplin before taking apart the Assault Marines almost single handily, then moved on and cut down a Devastator squad before they could even draw their combat knives.

While the Scions had success in destroy the Dark Eldar Transports, their line faltered under the aliens’ assault and they were eventually defeated to a man. When reinforcements arrived they found the surrounding landscape in ruins and nearby villages empty, drenched in blood. Worst of all, they only found roughly a third of their battle brothers dead on the field. The remaining had been taken to Commorragh where they are assured to spend the rest of their lives in state of unimaginable agony.

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