Sunday, April 05, 2009

Orks in Retreat

By early 04.009M42 Nazghat’s Ork Empire in the Shadow Worlds was beset by enemies. With the Tau entrenched on Hylas and Memnon, supplying their armies on Tarsis Major, the Imperium had also been attracted to the Shadow Worlds. Rather than take the Tau bases in an immediate attack, without overall space superiority, the Dark Angels had already landed on Coronus and Tyndareous, attacking the Orks there. Now the Ultramarines landed over a company of Marines on Tyndareous, in an attempt to secure the planet as a springboard to destroy the Tau supply lines.

Nazghat was having none of it, and reinforced his possession with a new force of elite Orks, attacking the small Ultramarines force as soon as it landed on the planet. However, they had miscalculated. The Ultramarines had landed just half their strength, and refused to meet the Orks in a standoff battle.

As the Orks advanced recklessly the tactically aware Astartes allowed the Orks to advance beyond the effective support of their air bases, at which point the Ultramarines counter attacked with overwhelming and devastating force. Rhinos and Land Raider borne forces linked up with direct drop pod assaults, annihilating half the Ork advance anf forcing the Orks to withdraw. By 0504,009M42 the Orks were in an appalling state on Tyndareous, controlling just one remaining fortified settlement.

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