Friday, April 03, 2009

Catechism Reach Alphe

Chaos Marine chapter The Moonface Catechism have began a renewed attack upon the Imperium following a series of victories over the Tau that enforced Chaos control over the Rim Worlds. Imperial Tacticians believed the Catechism would probably invade Libria or Zadoc and placed PDF forces on these planets on full alert.

They were therefore shocked when the unpredictable Chaos commander arrived with troops on agri-world Alphe and swiftly attacked the southern city of Freywick. The methods of transport used by the Catechism to reach Alphe remain unknown, as no Chaos ship were detected in orbiting space. The threat of Chaos outside the gates of Freywick caused initial panic but order was briefly restored as Space Marines of the Scions of Ra chapter,who happened to be on training exercises on Alphe, arrived. Unfortunately for the Imperium the marines of The Catechism are well practiced infighting their loyal counterparts and obliterated the Scions. With little resistance, Freywick surrendered and the Catechism established a wide perimeter around their new capital on Alphe.

The advance of the traitor marines seemed to falter, as their reinforcements were slow in arriving. To consolidate their gains they summoned Daemons, a tactic used many times before. This time however Moonface had not reckoned on the rapid responses of an Armoured PDF force from Libria who had been mobilised immediately as the Chaos forces arrived on the planet. The mechanised squadron smashed into the Daemonic horde, who had difficulty damaging the armoured assault. Their grip on the world weakened, the Daemons fled back into the Warp and the Librians pushed back the Catechism perimeter despite their heavy losses.

Angered at the set back, and having amassed a sufficient assault force,Moonface ordered a counterattack. Porphyrian regiments, that have been stationed on numerous planets in the Sector, had been bought in to hold the territory taken by the Librian Armour. In a particularly bloody conflict the Catechism suffered heavy losses from the pounding Imperial guns, but ultimately won the day. A handful of Imperial men and vehicles limped away and the Catechism consolidated further inland.

The reasons for Moonface's invasion are unknown. Is it a simple attack at the Imperium he loathes? Or is it part of some greater plan? The Imperial Tacticians have little time to ponder motives and have been quick to dispatch the most effective Marine chapter in the sector, the Dark Angels,to Alphe. Will they finally be the ones to halt the march of The Moonface Catechism?

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