Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Libria III: Apocalypse Riders return, Santo retaken by Vorushko

With the alliance on the advance once again the return of the Apocalypse Riders to Vorushko's army could not have been more timely. Immediately the fast moving astartes chapter were asked to return stability to the front and reduce the capability of the alliance to launch attacks with impunity.

To meet this objective the astartes force divided into two. One force was sent on a sabotage raid on Lazarus, which if successful would break the land link between the east and western fronts, something crucial to the rebel librian forces and key to the alliance ability to flex their forces from one front to another. It wouldn't adversely affect the Iron Warriors or Tau, but would be detrimental to the alliance ability to hold ground conquered by the elite alliance forces. At the same time another astartes force would be sent into Santo to dislodge the recently arrived alliance forces. Vorushko was keen that any success by the alliance was quickly countered to demonstrate the crusade resolve to stand against the xenos and their collaborators.

The assault on Santo was a success, with the manouverable bikers quickly defeating the federal guard forces posted to defend the city after it had been won by Apollo's legion. Even a surprise counter attack from the eldar was quickly dealt with, and Santo - or rather its ruins - was back in Crusade hands by 2608.015M42. In the south however, the raid on Lazarus was a debacle. The Apocalypse Riders landed a recon team on 2408.015M42 and were quickly ambushed by overwhelming eldar and dark eldar forces. Unable to secure a landing site and their surprise ruined, the Riders withdrew, leaving their advance party to their fate.

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