Monday, September 21, 2015

The Aleph Sector: Current Warzones

The Librian System +++See Libria: Current State Analysis+++ 

Hylas (Orks vs. Imperium) 
Invaded by the orks in 012M42 the front line between General Van Dorn's imperial forces and the greenskins has drifted back and forth for years. Now in 015M42 the front has stabilised into grinding trench warfare. With the war on Libria taking much of the attention and resources, it looks unlikely that the war will be resolved soon.   

Grimlock (Chaos vs. Tyranids) 
More than half of Grimlock is a barren wasteland occupied by nightmarish creatures who periodically come out to feed on the devotees of chaos who defend their lines against the alien threat. Since the invasion in 012M42, the tyranids of Hive Fleet Nemesis at first made rapid progress, before the hive mind withdrew entirely from the sector. Now mindless and directionless creatures remain, but the chaos forces have been unable to reconquer their former territories. 

Fort Sparcos (Tyranids vs. Orks) 
Hive fleet Nemesis arrived on Fort Sparcos at the height of the tyranid power. The swarm of aliens had alreaded ravaged the rim worlds and Valboris, while reducing the fertile imperial worlds of Betor and Alphe to barren husks. However the hive mind gradually moved on, leaving vast numbers of tyranid creatures on Fort Sparcos, where the orks defended their holdings more and more ferociously. Now as the creatures dwindle many of the orks have left too. Instead of moving forward to wipe out the remaining Xenos threat, the orks have simply lost interest, preferring instead to allow the tyranids to regain their strength from time to time so they can have a good fight... 

Corticant (Necrons vs. Imperium) 
Corticant was in the hands of the ruinous powers for centuries, before General Veers' crusade swept across the Perseus Deeps and made it his HQ. Then the Harakhty Dynasty of Necrons awoke in the Deeps, re-establishing its aeons old empire and creating a new power in the region. Corticant was the last to be invaded, but after taking outlying settlements the attacks stopped. Veers declared the western hemisphere out of bounds and established a patrol network, but lacked the resources for a full scale counter offensive. Now the imperium and Nectons co-exist uneasily on Corticant with frequent flare ups and border raids. Meanwhile within the Harakhty Dynasty the old political rivalries which plagued the old empire have resurfaced, effectively ending the opening crusade of Overlord Khasu-en-amen's reconquest. 

Zadoc (Chaos vs. Alliance) 
In 013M42 the forces of chaos came to Zadoc, quickly followed by the alliance. As the imperial forces crumbled a race developed between the two invading forces and in 014M42 the Imperium were defeated on the subsector capital, signifying their almost total loss of control of their second subsector since 001M42. Now the war on Zadoc has become a stalemate. The chaos forces are exhausted and attempting to rebuild their strength, while Warsmith Stahl attempts to regain his possessions in the Perseus Deeps as a priority. Meanwhile the alliance are too busy in the Libria system. 

Minos (Chaos vs. Imperium) 
For months the imperial guard on Minos have been holding out, barely, against Warsmith Stahl's elite vanguard forces. Hundreds of thousands have been slaughtered by the Iron Warriors but continued campaigning has severely depleted Stahl's astartes. Now Stahl holds his lines in defence while seeking reinforcements to restart his campaign. The Guard however receive meagre support from imperial HQ, who are pre-occupied with the goings on in the Libria system. 

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