Monday, September 21, 2015

The Aleph Sector: Introduction

The Aleph Sector is a region of Space in the far east of the galaxy in the Ultima Segmentum, close to the Tau Empire. It is the home of the University of Sheffield Wargames Society's 40k campaign and has been since 2001.


The sector is divided into four sectors, Aleph, Vastrid, Zadoc & Valitane, but there are vast tracts of space in between such as the Perseus and Aurelis Deeps, areas of old stars lying between the populous sector worlds in the main galactic spiral arms, and other wilderness areas such as the Hell Stars, The Scarrion and the Hadron Expanse. The Imperium nominally controls each subsector, although the Aleph subsector has been lost to the seperatist Federacy, and the worlds of the Zadoc subsector are rapidly being invaded by orks & tau, or being devoured by tyranids.

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