Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Libria V: Apocalypse Riders halt Novgorod offensive

While the Cusade and Alliance battled for supremacy on Libria III, the loyalists began a new offensive on Libria V. Close to the warp jump point and easy to supply even with the Alliance blockade of the system, Libria III was the theatre in which the loyalists could bring their numbers to bear.

The new assault was a continuation of the offensive the Sky Lords had barely contained on 1908.015M42, and every day new Novgorod regiments arrived by troop transport to replace losses. An overwhelming assault retook Daralon on 2208.015M42 and the Minotaurs were sent in to dislodge them. The orbital assault failed however, as the Minotaurs were unable to match the sheer numbers of men on the ground as the loyalists could maintain. Worse still the momentum of the Novgorod offensive hadn't even been blunted. The loyalists began moving in force towards Jutesberg on 2408.015M42, and defeated a significant crusade force of Adeptus Sororitas and Vannaheim guard.

Something had to be done by the crusade before they let Libria V slip out of their grasp. It was an annoying distraction compated to Libria III but Vorushko could not have Hathek sympathisers in control of the furthest planet in the system as this was the gateway to Libria. If Libria V fell to the crusade, Vorushko would be able to blockade the Alliance on Libria III and IV, without having to worry about the loyalty of the fleet. In addition it would almost certainly lead to the capitulation of Libria II.

To prevent the loyalists from rolling inexorably forward, the Apocalypse Riders sent a company to blunt the imperial offensive. The elite bike units landed in Crusade controlled territory and launched a ferocious counter attack on 0209.015M42. The astartes quickly got in amongst the imperial lines where they completed their slaughter, terrorising the guard formations and almost causing a general rout of the loyalist forces on the Jutesberg front. By 0509.015M42 the front had been stabilised. The crusade had lost Daralon but the loyalist offensive had been brought to an end.

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