Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Libria III: Apollo pushes ahead, taking Santo back from crusade

Having taken out the loyalists on Libria III the alliance were quick to redirect the Crusade attention back to the western hemisphere. This was important as it would give the alliance time to reorganise in the east, sort out the large volume of prisoners from Launceston's surrender and shore up their new front line against the crusade. to do this the Vannaheim Guard, led by the order of the Crimson Veil were targetted on the Vedrick front, as Apollo's Iron Warriors made use of the alliance superiority in the air to rapidly redeploy a large force from east to west.

The Iron Warriors advance came as a shock to the Vannaheim & Sisters of Battle. In a bloody encounter, the crusade forces were rapidly pushed back, and the city of Santo returned to alliance hands on 2208.015M42.

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