Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Libria IV: Alliance make gains

Having established a secure perimeter on the eastern half of the main island on Libria IV, the alliance began to pour in reinforcements, unhindered by any imperial naval intervention. Commander Skyfall was given overall command of the Libria IV mission, and he was assigned a detachment of alliance mechanicus by warsmith Apollo to aid the assault. In Late 08.015M42 the alliance began their march across the big island towards the capital, Porthaven. Porthaven itself was a large sprawling low lying city, which the alliance knew would be difficult to attack and perfect for the imperium to defend. Despite the small population of 88 million, more than two thirds lived in the massive settlement, and Skyfall wanted to avoid wholesale carnage by levelling the city.

First however the alliance had to reach the city limits. This they achieved by mid 09.015M42 after a series of engagements in the plains to the west of the city. In the open, Skyfall was able to use his experimental equipment with full effectiveness, and a series of brutal battles between the tau and loyalist Librian forces pushed the imperial defenders back to the city limits in the southern sector. In the north, the alliance Adeptus Mechanicus made short work of the loyalist Novgorod defenders, and by 2009.015M42 the city of Porthaven was effectively besieged.

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