Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Aornis: Imperial assault flounders

Following the arrival of fresh troops on 0808.008M42 the Imperial commander on Aornis was ready to launch his major assault to remove the Tau forces, under Starfire, from the planet.

His assault was to focus on he major industrial zone around the capital of Aornis, a sprawling city of some half a million. Aornis, a small outpost, boasted only three settlements, and for once the Tau would have to hold their positions in the city of Arcturia, rather than fighting their preferred hit and run battles.

After a furious initial bombardment the troops of the Librian 19th Regiment moved forward in force, using the dense cover of the city to protect them from the awesome Tau firepower. It almost worked. The Tau found it difficult to hold the Imperial troops and several times the commander of the Tau forces considered a withdrawal. However their persistence paid off. After a disasterous outflanking manoeuvre by their Kroot units, the stealth suits infiltration paid dividends, and the Imperial assault floundered when their heavy armour was destroyed by close range fire.

The Imperial commander, bitterly disappointed, ordered a withdrawal from the city, as his troops were exhausted and unsupported, just yards from their objective. The Tau, having weathered the initial assault, now had the advantage on Aornis.
Intercepted Tau communication:
> Encrypt Code Tetra Four
> From: Star Fire
> FAO: Hawk Eye
> Message Reads:
> Strong Zulu attack on FOB 27 repulsed. Light casualties sustained.
> Imperial casualties also light with heavy armour losses. Our LFO extended
> to marker 3750, FOB 28 established. Recommend immediate mechanised assault
> to exploit this breakthrough, recon elements report no fixed defences
> between FOB 28 and Zulu landing zone. Intel recommends vigorous and
> immediate exploitation could finish this campaign. Many Kroot died to
> obtain this victory, we honour their sacrifice.

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