Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Templars Angelus unable to halt Orks on Bothorion

By 0108.008M42 the Imperial presence in the Shadow worlds had been reduced to a small base on Coronus. On Bothorion the local human population thought that the Emperor had finally delivered them from the Ork and Tyranid menace when a company of the Templars Angelus Chapter arrived to re-establish links with the beleagured Imperial population there. They visited the Holy Shrine on mount Ersin to pay their respects at one of the oldest temples tothe Emperor in all of the Aleph Sector.

Though the Shrine had fallen into disuse some ten thousand years ago when the population of Bothorion was ravaged by an Ork invasion, the Templars treated it with due dignity and respect. However, whilst venerating thier God the Orks of Waagh! Nazghat arrived, having been drawn out by the prospect of a "gud fite" with the best of humanities warriors. The Templars however were not about to allow Nazghat to complete what the Orks had started millenia ago.

The assault by the Orks was bloody, and as the battle escalated the Orks threw more and more of their kind into the fray, headless of the terrible casualties inflicted, but it was their Nobz that took their toll on the Space Marines. Clearly the elite of Naghat's army had turned out to fight against the Astartes, and the mega-armoured veteran Orks proved extremely resilient. Realising his chapter was taking too many losses the Captain of the Templars Angelus withdrew, but not before they had removed several important and holy artefacts from the Shrine.

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