Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Daedalon falls to Chaos

Following the departure of Commander Hawk Eye from Daedalon, it fell to Light Spear alone to defend the small Tau outpost from Chaos attack. Light Spear knew the Night Lords and their newly created legions of supporting troops were on the planet in force, and the Tau were under no illusions as to how difficult it would be to maintain their hold on Daedalon.

On 1208.008M42 a ferocious assault from the lead elements of the Night Lords' forces surprised the Tau forces and penetrated deep into the Tau defence zone before they reacted to the threat. The early stages of the fighting were characterised by unusually poor marksmanship from the Tau, which cost them in the long run. Hammerheads, broadsides and pathfinders were all unable to hit their targets as the Chaos vehicles closed, and by the time they did manage to destroy the Chaos armoured vehicles it was too late. The marines had got close and were able to pile out of their wrecks and assault the Tau defences in fierce hand to hand fighting.

Despite this the battle was by no means a one sided affair. The Tau put up stubborn resistance, falling back in order and fighting a punishing rear guard action which inflicted serious casualties on the advancing Chaos marines. It was in vain however, as Light Spear realised his defensive perimeter had been compromised and he would be unable to hold off a second wave of attacks from his enemy. Grudgingly Light Spear re-embarked his troops onto their Mantas and abandonned Daedalon to its fate. Another world fell to Chaos.

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