Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hylas: Moonface’s forces take the glory

Just a week following the Night Lords' landing on Hylas the Catechism also sent significant forces to the Shadow Worlds to increase their influence there. It transpired that the Nigth Lords did not ask for this intervention, nor did they necessarily welcome it, but for the time being the two Chaos forces' aims were aligned, strengthening their alliance. However the fact that Moonface dod not confer with his ally, Lord Raziel, on sending troops to Hylas, would not be forgotten.

The Catechism landed on Hylas and encountered Ork Speed Freaks, vanguard scouting forces for Nazghat, terrorising one of the many small Hylas settlements. Upon seeing the Chaos forces the Speed Freaks headed straight for the Catechism's elitist elements, desperate to proove their worth in front of their Warboss. It was however an unfortunate tactical decision. Using no tactics at all the Orks simply ran at the Chaos forces who mowed them down in turn. The Catechism units never lost their resolve, perhaps bolstered by the almost deafening chants broadcast across the battlefield. By the end of 0608.008M42 the Orks had been routed and the Catechism controlled as much of Hylas' territory as did the Night Lords.

The Eldar were appalled by this turn of events and resolved to stop Chaos from taking Hylas, and its important information about the exodite colonies in the Mabb nebula, as well as the intact webway portal. Saim Hann units appeared on the world on 0808.008M42, attempting to flank the Catechism and take them by surprise. It didn't work. Almost lazily the Chaos army turned to meet the new threat, cutting it down and inflicting a heavy defeat on the Eldar. The aliens were forced back through their webway portal while cultists for the Catechism began the work of converting the five million inhabitants of the small colony into useful elements of their war machine. On 1008.008M42 the Imperium declared Hylas lost to the Dark Gods.

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