Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Catechism takes Tarsis Base

While the fleet of Lord Traegan was busy occupying the Imperial fleet at Caitlen Station, the first signs of the Catechism's next move came on 0808.008M42 as contact was lost with an outlying asteroid base in the Tarsis Major system. The asteroid was mainly used as a waystation for ships exiting the main jump point in the system, and was known to be well armed. Fragmentary messages received the following day revealed the three companies of Trebbian Guard had been brutally massacred by Chaos Marines and cultists who arrived via dreadclaw assault boats.

Images of their final stand in the hydroponics dome, the asteroid base's only vegetation, were briefly broadcast to a stunned population on Tarsis Major, before the Commissariat declared military law and a state of emergency. The Moonface Catechism had arrived in a major Imperial system, and preparations for its defence had to be made.

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