Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lightspear clears Tyranids from Daedalon but Chaos pressures Hawkeye

Commander Lightspear was given overall command of the campaign on Daedalon on 2908.008M42, and his forces landed on the planet without serious difficulties. They were immediately deployed on Hawkeye’s right and began the task of clearing the proposed colony zone of Tyranids. This they did with aplomb, though the topughness and resilience of the creatures of Hive Fleet Phoenix surprised the Tau. Clearly they had evolved better protection from Tau weaponry since their last encounter a year ago.

Meanwhile the Night Lords, irritated by the constant success of the Catechism, were spurred on to take Daedalon for themselves, and launched an attack on the centre of the Tau line. An overwhelming concentration of force was amassed then thrown against Hawkeye’s troops.

After long a bitter fighting Shas'El Hawk Eye was forced to withdraw his troops from Daedalon under intense pressure from the chaos forces of Lord Raziel. As the Night Lords tried to capitalise on their advantage the canny Tau commander infiltrated Tau Piranha, drone squadrons and stealth teams deep into enemy lines, attacking and destroying vital fuel and supply depots. Without these assets the traitor marines were forced to limit their gains whilst they waited for resupply and dealt with the frustrating raids in their rear areas.

Meanwhile the Catechism, also active on Daedalon, found itself fighting the Tyranid menace of Hive Fleet Phoenix. The fighting was hard and deadly and the aliens almost forced the Chaos forces to withdraw, particularly following the death of a notable Lord of the Catechism. The Chaos forces just held on, before driving the Tyranids back into the darkest recesses of Daedalon’s forests. To all intents and purposes Daedalon was free of the Xenos threat by 1008.008M42.

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