Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Templars Angelus “Tresspass” on Mael Kithlann

On 0608.008M42 the Templars Angelus appeared again in the Mabb Nebula, following their own agenda once more. This time they landed on the world known to the Imperium as PXY772-L, a planet of marginal potential colonized briefly several millenia ago. Then contact with the outpost was lost and no-one had set foot on the world since those early settlers. Clearly there was something of value on the planet to the Templar Space marines, and they landed close to set of human ruins which appeared to have the remains of a building constructed for the veneration of the Emperor. Clearly this was the Templar's objective.

The planet however was also known by another name, "Mael Kithlann" to the Eldar, who claimed it as their own. Of course the humans who settled it were not to know, nor were the Space Marines to understand why they came under attack from Eldar forces just hours after their arrival. Once again their appearance on a planet had led to their enemies coming out to meet them, but this time that suited the Marine commander as he used his firepower well to inflict a terrible punishment on the aliens. They withdrew and the Marines were able to complete their business and leave unmolested. Meanwhile Imperial agents desperately tried to contact the wandering Marine chapter in order to secure their assistance as the Imperium hold on the entire subsector wavered.

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