Monday, March 29, 2010

Catechism on Malius

No sooner had the war on Alphe been relegated by ASMOC to "unimportant" pending the return of Moonface, like a bad smell the capricious chaos warlord appeared again, this time in the Perseus Deeps, far from his main area of influence around Grimlock and the Rim Worlds, and no where near the Catechism's stalled war on Alphe.

Imperial intelligence, led by Inquisitor Huron, picked up his trail and found that on 2603.010M42 Catechism forces, possibly led by Moonface himself, had used their blasphemous "device" to land on Malius, where the Claws of Lorek and the Dark Angels had both previously tried to establish a base, or some modicum of control over the planet.

The Catechism had no more luck than the previous insertion forces as once again the Necrons of Malius were awoken from their slumber. Something had drawn the forces of Chaos to the world, twice now, and twice the Necrons had been unwilling to yield their secrets. The Catechism were ignominiously beaten by the Necron forces and some of the readings Huron's intelligence team picked up were deeply disturbing. This was something new. The necrons, a dead and cold race of metallic warriors, had not been the only thing fighting the Catechism before Moonface's army was forced to flee. Something new, and something incomparably ancient and powerful. Huron made notes, and kept his fears to himself.

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