Sunday, March 07, 2010

Hauzenburg Falls

Within the western contamination zone of Betor Nemesis continued its assault, sending wave after wave of warrior bioforms into the streets of Hauzenburg. Exhausted and desperate Corellian troops attempted to hold the central administration district, reduced to rubble by explosive spores dropped from orbit by the hive fleet. Soon scanners detected a large concentration of life signs surging forwards from the south with alarming speed. The gaunt ruins of the Administratum prevented the Correllians from opening fire and they watched nervously as the blips got ever closer on their auspexes.

Then they detected further lifesigns closing from the west and their air support was suddenly blown from the sky by powerful warp blasts as flying tyranids burst out of the Administratum ruins lead by an enormous flying tyrant. A barrage of weapons fire cut down the lead warriors of the horde but then the Corellian's tanks began exploding as more Tyranids attacked from the north, directing fire into the rear of their positions. The Tyrant landed in the middle of the Corellian position, hurling tanks around like broken toys. Eventually it was brought down but it was too little too late. Surrounded and with their positions compromised from all directions the Corellians had no choice but to fall back and fight a guerrilla war. As Nemesis scoured the streets for survivors they were able to disrupt its advance by targeting synapse nodes but eventually the city fell and the Tyranids began the process of consuming its terrified populace.

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