Sunday, March 07, 2010

Nemesis in the Deeps

Probing into the heart of the Perseus Deeps an advanced tendril of Nemesis sent to locate suitable prey worlds for the hive fleet located a number of unpopulated worlds with vibrant ecosystems. When scouts found no intelligent life on Enaloth Nemesis deployed the warriors suspended in hibernation within its outrider vessels. Consumption of the undefended world would yield sufficient biomass to turn this probing tendril of the hive fleet into a fully fledged splinter fleet which could attack the other weakly defended worlds within the deeps. However, Nemesis had not detected the Necron tombs hidden deep within the planet's crust.

At first the awakening Necrons were easily defeated by the ferocity of the Tyranid Hive, but soon enough Necrons were awakened to perform a reconnaissance in force. They probed the area of the planet surrounding the initial drop site, which Nemesis had covered in reclamation pools and feeder spires to convert biomatter into more warriors to add to the scout fleet's limited supply. Nemesis was slow to react to this incursion into its midst but soon vicious and bloody fighting erupted with both sides sustaining heavy casualties. Despite Nemesis' limited resources it proved the Necrons less willing to accept heavy losses. Unable to capture any of the reclamation pools the Necrons phased out to muster their strength within their tombs for a final stand.

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