Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tendrils of Nemesis

03.010M42 saw Hive Fleet Nemesis spread its tendrils far and wide across the Aleph Sector. While Betor remained the major target, the vanguard forces of the tyranids reached Valboris, a major chaos frontier world in the Zadoc subsector, where they managed to secure a foothold, infesting Frontiersville and providing the forces of chaos with a quite unwelcome distraction.

In the Perseus Deeps the world of Enaloth had seen fighting between the Necrons, awakened from their slumber on the minor tomb world by the arrival of the extra-galactic aliens. After several battles the Necrons mysteriously disappeared, presumably using their advanced technology to remove themselves to safer locations while the tyranids began the systematic consumation of the world's natural resources.

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