Sunday, March 07, 2010

Fort Bastion completed

As 03.010M42 began General Veers prepared the completion of Corticant's powerful staging base, named fort Bastion. Here the Imperium's mighty power could be projected across the Perseus Deeps and against the growing shadow of Chaos, held at bay after their defeat at Farport, but rising once more to threaten the worlds of the Emperor of Mankind.

The Corticant system made for an ideal outpost to defend the Imperium's interests in the Deeps. Situated close to both the Perseus Run and Farport passage, and home to six powerful Navy capital class vessels, fort Bastion would be able to protect shipping on the main trade routes into the Deeps and across to the Zadoc subsector. In addition Veers had a mandate to go further, creating more bases and outposts in the Deeps with a view to conducting full scale invasions of the major Chaos held worlds in the dark region between the Vastrid and Zadoc subsectors.

By 03.010M42 the Imperial base on Corticant had grown to nearly one million Imperial Guardsmen and three space marine companies, and work on the system's naval defences had begun. On one small moon orbiting Corticant's largest gas giant Corellian Storm Guard were forced to face a small force of Necrons, awoken by the Imperial excavations required to create an automated missile silo. At one point the battle was going so badly that Veers contemplated destroying the moon entirely, but by 0603.010M42 the Imperial Guard had the upper hand and the Necron threat had been annihilated.

Repeated encounters with the Necron race in the Deeps led Inquisitor Huron, who now based himself at fort Bastion, to conclude with some alarm that the Perseus Deeps were likely a major centre of Necron civilisation before their fall, and that more tomb worlds were likely to be encountered across the expanse of space between the Imperial hubs of Zadoc and Vastrid.

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