Thursday, March 25, 2010

Imperial Priorities

By 2503.010M42 the Aleph sector high command, a committee with representatives from the Imperial Guard, navy, adeptus mechanicus, inquisition and other important Imperial factions, was receiving criticism from its lack of direction in prosecuting the campaign in the sector. Some (including the commander of ground forces on Tarsis Major, general Cunningham) suggested that their relocation to Vastrid, relatively far from the front line, had dulled their instincts. General Percival on Alphe even called them "ineffectual Buffoons" to a trusted aide.

The committee did realise that some guidance in the prosecution of the war was necessary and consulted at length. Following a day long conference they then conferred their new strategy to their major commanders, and re-allocated naval and military resources to various theatres. For some it would mean much needed reinforcements, for others, a stagnation of their campaign, or worse, defeat. They also renamed themselves Aleph Sector Military Operations Command (ASMOC) and hoped that this "decisive" action would also help direct Astartes deployment, or at least influence it. More cynical observers suggested it also might stave of the imminent appointment of an Aleph Sector Warmaster, and the commensurate loss of power to the leadership committee's members...

The prioritisation ran as follows:

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: HIVE FLEET NEMESIS. All forces to be deployed to meet the tyranid threat. Admiral Jellicoe was ordered to muster a fleet to escort a significant deployment of resources to Betor and it was hoped the Adeptus Astartes would also lend forces to defeat the tyranid threat.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: PERSEUS DEEPS CRUSADE. Although not getting the primary status he craved, General Veers was pleased by his battlegroup's secondary status. It meant constant reinforcement to the base at Corticant, and an increase in naval strength around the base. The defeat of chaos in the Deeps could now begin in earnest.

TERTIARY OBJECTIVE: TARSIS MAJOR. This came as no surprise to the beleagured commander of Imperial forces facing the Tau on Tarsis. It meant no change. The war on Tarsis would be waged with few reinforcements and little support from Jellicoe's navy. Cunningham didn't even bother to protest.

All other campaigns were considered as low priortity. This had immediate effects in the command structure in the Zadoc subsector. While General Percival on Alphe kept his job and his forces, he would receive no reinforcements "until such time as the Catechism is percieved to be an emergent threat". In other words, until Moonface seized the initiative. In the Mabb nebula, General Alexander was not so fortunate. His battlegroup in the Shadow Worlds was broken up. The orks it seemed were no longer intent on conquering further worlds and the Tau showed no signs of attacking Imperial bases and other assets in the nebula. Alexander himself was reassigned to a command position on Zadoc. While technically a sideways move everyone understood that his lack of aggression in the Mabb Nebula, in contrast to General Veers, had damaged his reputation. The Navy Battlegroup was immediately redirected to Betor by Jellicoe.

With the Imperial priorities now spelt out, General Roover and Admiral Bova hoped they would turn the tide of loss in the Aleph sector, and perhaps, keep their jobs...

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