Sunday, March 07, 2010

Necrons on Malius

Inquisitor Huron, now working from fort Bastion, though learning much about the ancient Necron civilisation, was far more interested in the activities of the Chaos factions. Since Farport the power of the Catechism had been waning, but worryingly the Claws of Lorek's influence had been growing. Already two worlds had been forever altered - turned into apocalyptic daemon worlds by the Claws - and named Carnage in deference of the god Khorne, and Blight in the name of Nurgle. Now the traitor legion seemed intent on landing more troops and cultists on more worlds. Huron intended to see them stopped.

Huron had discovered that the Claws had based themselves on bastion, and seemed to be intent on turning four worlds into daemon worlds, one for each of the major powers. Why, he did not know, and some worlds seemed to be merely used as bases or production worlds. Although Huron did not understand the true purpose of the Claws' methods, it became obvious that the next two worlds to be targetted by the Claws would be Ares and Sentinel. If these worlds were to be turned into Daemonworlds the Perseus Run would be cut for good. Worse still, if the same happened to Eris - already under the thrall of Chaos - and Hemera, the results would be catastrophic for the Imperium.

When Huron learned that the Claws were moving on Malius, he notified the Dark Angels, who immediately - and rather too eagerly - sent a force to interecept them. However by the time the Dark Angels had arrived they found no trace of the traitor marines, and orbital scans suggested that a battle had recently taken place.

The Dark Angels landed a scouting force to investigate but after just a few hours on the surface of Malius they were attacked by Necrons. As the Dark Angels fought tenaciously and bitterly, retreating back to their landing zone, it was abundantly clear what had happened to the Claws of Lorek. Only a last ditch defence and heavy losses by the Dark Angels' elite scouting forces allowed the rest of their number to escape back to their strike cruiser. The space marines notified General Veers of the situation and a decision would now have to be made. Land forces on Malius to cleanse the Necrons or leave it to the ancient alien race?

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