Sunday, May 18, 2014

Carcharadons advance on Libria I

While the Carcharadons and Apocalypse Riders debated what to do about the revelation that the Mechanicum had been acting in concert or even alliance with the Tau, the crusade forces continued their lightning advance against the loyalist forces on Libria I. The Carcharadons were particularly keen to secure as much of the world as possible, to give themselves a better position should hostilities break out within the crusade forces.

The Carcharadons struck without warning against the cities of Derwood, Gratiot and Novato. The attack was mainly airborne and simultaneous, causing the maximum amount of disruption and confusion amongst the imperial guard defenders. However the loyalists, expecting an attack, were well equipped, and the Librian forces in particular fought with a stubborn resolve to defend their homeland.

The battle hinged on the aerial assault. Despite being kitted out with a large amount of AA weaponry and Punisher battle tanks, the loyalists could not hold back the astartes. The Carcharadon command flier was even shot down by Librian forces, but somehow the elite of the astartes forces survived the crash, then survived withering fire from the defenders as the entire front line opened up on the crash site. Ignoring the storm of fire, the Carcharadons launched a close assault, their combat prowess easily overcoming the imperial guard defenders of the main defence lines.

The close assault won the battle for the Carcharadons, and the Librian defenders were taken apart at close range. Within a day the loyalist defence of the three cities had collapsed, and by 2105.014M42 the Carcharadons, who had taken moderate losses, were mopping up the remaining defenders. It had been a consumate display of astartes superiority, and the loyalists were now confined to the cities of the south east, and General Abrahams was unwilling to reinforce further failure. The loyalist forces on Libria 1 were isolated and alone.

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