Monday, May 05, 2014

Eldar advance on Gabriel's World

While the focus of the Imperium was fixed on events in the Zadoc subsector, the eldar continued their war on Gabriel's World in the Vastrid subsector. Their motives as yet still unknown, the Disciples of Ynead launched a second major offensive against the under-strength and under-equipped imperial garrison defending the vast but sparsely populated expanse of the world.

A regiment of the Novgorod guard had been posted to Gabriel's World by general Pollack, but no one had expected the ferocity of the attack launched by the eldar forces. The guard were torn apart and forced to retreat, and slowly the imperial commanders came round to the idea that the eldar may be serious about taking the world, rather than a corsair raid. However, with imperial forces hard pushed in the galactic east, it would be some time before significant reinforcements could be redirected to the strategically less important regions, if at all.

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