Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Necrons make fresh gains on Corticant

In early 05.014M42 the necrons once again launched an offensive on Corticant in a war which had become far from dynamic. With the Imperium disctracted elsewhere, the necrons should have easily brushed aside resistance on the world if they had put their mind to it, but for some reason the necron lords were content to carry out the war at a leisurely pace. One effect of this, perhaps deliberate, was that Veers was unable to earmark significant forces for the defence of Corticant, givent hat the necron progress was so slow. Instead, the lord general saw his assets stripped as the situation on Zadoc and Libria deteriorated.

The necrons attacked in the south this time, pushing forward to Ironhaven, forcing the Imperial forces, mostly Novgorod guard to retreat north towards the more heavily defended imperial hinterlands. It was a bitter blow to the defenders however, who had so recently liberated Ironhaven from the eldar threat. Veers became increasingly concerned and withdrawn, keeping his own counsel and being seen less and less, despairing that events in the Zadoc subsector risked the loss of all he had gained in the hard fought crusade.

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