Monday, May 05, 2014

Zadoc: Assault on Aso

In early 05.014M42 the imperium had withdrawn from their untenable salients on the Zadoc mainland. For over a month the high command under General Wavell had built up the defences of Riontas, but the Raven Guard were keen on going on the offensive. They felt that the fight should be taken to the enemy, aggressively, and launched into their own operation to regain a foothold on the isle of Aso.

The Raven Guard offensive took the chaos forces of the Arch Cleric ompletely by surprise, and Larrano was taken within hours of the assault. While Wavell rushed in Guard reinforcements to secure the bridgehead, the Arch Cleric counter attacked with traitor legionaries and a host of daemons. The Raven Guard were ready however, and their stoic defence soon turned into a further offensive, breaking the chaos attack and securing the Imperial hold on southern Aso.

Wavell was able to tell the good news to his overall commander, Lord General Montgomery. Montgomery was pleased, but worried at the same time, as he had just heard that the Raven Guard had also arrived in the Libria system and had not made contact with the loyalist forces under General Abrahams, forces which were now engaged with the Adeptus Mechanicus on Libria I. Could the Raven Guard be joining Vorushko's crusade in the Libria system.

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