Sunday, May 18, 2014

Zadoc: Tau retake Vieto, imperial advance against chaos continues

On Zadoc the momentum generated by the Raven Guard on Aso against the forces of chaos was instrumental in the continued offensive towards the chaos held city of Vorni. For months the power of chaos had been waning. The Iron Warriors brooded within their fortress of Gerzonne, while the Arch Cleric himself had not been seen in person for a long while. Central co-ordination of chaos forces had broken down, and now actions were sporadic and usually defensive in nature.

The toe-hold on Aso was quickly flooded by guardsmen, and the Novgorod regiments begain their attritional grind up the island towards the city of Vorni. Casualties, as ever, were high, but the stoic infantrymen kept on pushing forward. They even encountered elite units of the Emperor's Children, ancient warriors from the dawn of the imperium, but such was their numbers, even these elite forces were crushed underfoot. By 2205.014M42 the imperial forces had reached the outskirts of the city, and began preparations for a long seige. The war here was going to plan.

Further south the foothold the astartes had made ont he mainland against the tau drew an inevitable counter attack from Windgather's forces once the Apocalypse Riders had been forced to withdraw to re-arm. In the south the tau had numbers, and with their eldar allies the alliance forces pushed back strongly from Perregor. The Imperial Fists and Lunar Guard took up positions where they felt they would delay the enemy for the longest, but the alliance were more than equal to any defensive plan put together by the imperium.

The tau-eldar forces advanced relentlessly in the week 14-2105.014M42. By 2205.014M42 it was obvious that Vieto could not be held. With regret, General Wavell ordered a withdrawal and the entire peninsular and island chaine was abandoned to the tau by 2405.014M42, save for some guerilla and special ops forces. Once again the tau had ejected the imperium from the Zadoc mainland, and Wavell had to think again.

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