Tuesday, May 13, 2014

LIBRIA I: Carcharadons enter the fray

On Libria I the crusade forces continued to push the loyalists back. In the far west the Carcharadons landed without warning, just as the Tau-eldar forces left the Mechanicum in control of the central northern cities. Once again the Lunar Guard were in the front line edfending the loyalist cause, but the ferocity of the astartes attacj could not be challenged. In three days the cities of Selden, Blandon and Freeburg fell to the Space Sharks, surrendering all the north of Libria I to the Crusade. There was nothing the loyalists could do.

On Libria III General Abrahams was growing increasingly concerned by the overwhelming power of the Crusade. Somehow the loyal soldiers of the Imperium had become the enemy, and the Crusade of Natalia Vorushko had even allied itself to its mortal enemies to overcome his forces. Such was the apparent hate for Lord Inquisitor Hathek, who advice Abrahams had been following. Now the lord general began to doubt his loyalties, although the power of the Inqusition seal still ensured his continued obedience to Hathek's orders.

For now Abrahams concentrated on defeating the rebels on Libria III, suppressing news of events on Libria I and effectively allowing it to happen. This was not a state of affairs which could continue for long.

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