Sunday, May 18, 2014

Eldar close to victory on Gabriel's World

As the end of 05.014M42 approached, General Pollack faced significant challenges on Gabriel's World. His appeals for reinforcements had been ignored by Sector command. Events in the Zadoc subsector and the Perseus Deeps were far more important and Pollack was told to use what he already had, which in truth wasn't much. Eventually Pollack managed to wrestle some new forces out of Titus Luthor in the shape of half a regiment of Lunar Guard and one company of Imperial Fists. Upon their arrival the fresh forces went straight into action, as the Disciples of Ynnead had attacked once more on the planet.

Gabriel's Landing was now under siege by eldar forces, and the Lunar Guard and astartes had a tough time deploying into the battle, although the astartes immediately tried to breakout and force the aliens back from the perimeter of the city. The result was an unco-ordinated imperial counter-attack, leading to horrific casualties among both the astartes and Lunar guard. Both fresh forces were effectively expended in just a few hours, and the seige remained. Morale plummeted, and the loss of Gabriel' World to the Imperium now looked likely.

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