Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Alphe: Catechism break into Oldmere

After the fall of Pryford to Chaos forces the Imperial commanders had been pondering the Catechism's next move. Would they cut off further swathes of the Pryford meadows south or strike out west towards the heart of Alphe? Instead Moonface pushed north from Merridale and attempted a dawn landing on Oldmere island.

Advancing Chaos forces met Imperial scouts in the early morning amidst abandoned industrial works on the coast. Catechism forces were rushed in via Rhino transport, whilst Imperial armoured legions also advanced on the area. Battle was joined at dawn.

Imperial commanders were testing new battlefield strategies against the Catechism, following a defensive gunline tactic now blamed for the loss of Pryford. Instead a steady advance was displayed, with the Imperial forces using their higher number of vehicles to out flank the Chaos.
Fighting was fiercer than many battles on Alphe so far and Imperial troops were able to isolate and destroy a number of Chaos squads. It was particularly noted that the combat ability of the Oldmere troops was exemplary, holding their own against traitor marines.

Unfortunately despite brave efforts and inflicting heavy casualties the Imperial forces were forced into retreat, and the Catechism moved onwards towards Oldmere's primary city Erishore. Still a glimmer of hope remained, new tactics had proved somewhat more effective and the casualties inflicted would mean Moonface would take weeks to regroup before his next attack.

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