Sunday, July 12, 2009

Coronus Retaken

On 0807.009M42, with Nazghat away fighting Tyranids on Kallack, the Cerberex 35th Mechanised Regiment, along with its supporting units, put into action their final plan to destroy the remaining Ork fortifications on Coronus. The Cerberex Guard knew that victory over the Orks here would rid the world of Greenskin occupation, and give them their own homeworld.

The Cerberex Guard had been promised the world by the Dark Angels, who had in effect rescued the cream of Von Rundstedts army some years ago following the disasterous campaign on Cerberex which say half the planet lost to the rebel UFP, and the other half to the forces of Chaos. While the Imperium fully expected to retake Cerberex, this lay at the heart of the UFP Empire, and it was not anywhere near the top of the Imperium's priority list. The Dark Angels had taken Tyndareous, if Coronus fell it would become the Cerberex regiments' centre of operations, and their new home. Reluctantly, the Administratum accepted this deal, though it resented the Dark Angels for once again exceeding their authority.

The attack began on 0807.009M42 began at dawn, and knowing what was at stake everyone played their part in an historic victory. Facing the ork hordes of Da Verminator barely a soldier wavered in the face of the enemy, and the Imperial Guard completed the job of ridding Coronis of Orks in less than two days. After breaking through the Ork defences the mechanised units of the Cerberex Guard made short work of the Ork rabble, leaving just a few hundred who scattered to the hills. These would be mopped up later. For now Coronus was back in Imperial hands, and after years of bitter fighting and endless retreat the Cerberex regiments finally had something to cheer about.

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