Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daemonhunters turn the tide

Following the defeat of the Tyranids in north west Betor, General Dempsey, overall commander of forces on the planet, in consultation with Inquisitors Hathek and Huron, decided that the next target for cleansing should be the densely populated north eastern region, north of the Ostliche Hugel. PDF forces were augmented with those of Inquisitor Nikopolidis, who consented to the operation in absentia,

The fighting was dictated first by the sudden attack by the Tyranids towards the city of Langenhofen which pushed Imperial forces back. However the aliens did not follow up their success, preferring apparently yo consolidate their position.

Inquisitor Hathek was confused by this and immediately put together a small team to investigate the Tyranid activity between Langenhoffen and Bielaupbruck. The team of twenty suffered horrendous casualties, but the three veterans who made it back reported that a Tyranid hive node was being created by the aliens. This was Hathek's next target.

It was Nikopolidis' men who were in the thick of the fighting, and taking the Tyranids rather by surprise, the Imperium managed to surround and isolate the Hive Node before the aliens had realised the humans had understood the importance of the node. Desperate fighting followed, but the Inquisitorial forces then deployed their elite formations, fighting hard and holding the kine long enough for the Hive Node to be destroyed. Psykers reported an anguished scream in the warp as the Node succumbed.

Over the next few days the Tyranid activity between the settlements of Langenhofen and Bielaupbrook diminished, and the Imperial troops realised they now had the upper hand in the north east.

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