Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Catechism move on Erishore

The next major offensive by the Catechism came on 1807.009M42 after a period of regrouping and refitting by both sides. General Percival still felt that a westward move towards Deepsnow would be the main attack, so he had still not fortified heavily in the region of Erishore on Oldmere Island. Some of his subordinates considered this foolish, as they risked being cut off if the Dusk Raiders reached Westlake. It was on Oldmere the Catechism attacked.

Elite Catechism forces moved north and east towards the city of Erishore facing difficult and determined resistance from Imperial Guard and PDF forces. Once again the Imperial Guard put their new tactics into good operation, and the Catechism found the advance frustrating. Even so by the end of 1907.009M42 the Chaos forces had managed to surround, but not enter the city, thanks largely to the psychic intervention of their unholy Daemon Prince of Slaanesh.

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