Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eldar Raid Tyndareous

During 07.009M42 the Eldar were active once again in the Shadow Worlds, this time raiding Tyndareous, the main base of Imperial operations in the Mabb Nebula. The first attack came out of the blue, with the Eldar attacking settlements near to the mountainous Dark Region of the main Tyndareous inhabited zone.

As soon as the raid was underway the Imperium reacted quickly and a company of Space Marines from an unknown chapter moved in force against the Eldar. The battle however was inconclusive, with neither side taking many casualties in a confused and sporadic enounter. Never the less it seemed enough to convince the Eldar to abandon their action and they melted away inexplicably.

Just under a week later Inquisitor Huron arrived with two regiments of Imperial Guard. He suspected these eldar forces were new, in that they were not from the Kel Sandros Eldar. Their pattern of attacks seemed random, but the venerable Inquisitor lord knew they would not be, and the Eldar would have some alien plan behind thier assaults.

The reinforcements had come in the nick of time, as another Eldar force arrived out of the blue on 2007.009M42, causing a great deal of destruction to the main supply base on Tyndareous. However, the Imperial Guard who had just arrived soon made their presence felt, surprising the Eldar as they moved to wards the Tyndareous spaceport and slaughtering them. Inquisitor Huron congratulated the Imperial Guard Commander, but he knew the victory had been due to a large slice of luck as well as good generalship.

Huron now made it his business to determine where the webway portals on Tyndareous were, and what the motive behind these attacks by the Eldar was. Using old contacts hardly approved by many in the Inquisition, the old Inquisitor attempted to contact the Craftworld of Kel Sandros. He needed to know what was going on.

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