Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oldmere Cleansed

The surrounding of Erishore came as a blow to the Imperial command on Alphe, who now had the measure of the Catechism, but were unable to gain the critical victory to turn the tide in the campaign. Moonface was still too cunning. However, General Percival was not alone in his dislike of the Catechism, and on 2007.008M42 the Dark Angels strike cruiser Dark Dominion entered the system after hearing that elite Catechism formations were possibly harbouring members of the fallen.

The Dark Angels' next move was clinical, violent and entirely without discussion with the Imperial commander in the field. Percival was not consulted and was as surprised as the Chaos forces to see Dark Angels forces landing and deploying on Oldmere Island. Heavy fighting followed as the Dark Angels siezed the southern sea crossing and landed a force on northern Eastby, pushing towards Merridale.
Now the Catechism forces on Oldmere found themselves cut off, and without support from Moonface or his daemon allies.

The Chaos cultists and Traitor Marines fought tenaciously but were unable to prevent the inevitable. On 2507.009M42 the remaining Chaos forces on Oldmere were destroyed, the cultists slain to a man while the loyalist astartes troops were seen taking nearly a hundred Traitor Marines prisoner.

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