Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Orks defeated on Kallack

While the Tyranid infestation on Betor was being controlled by Imperial forces, the Ork successes on Kallack against the alien menace came to an abrupt halt on 1507.009M42 when "Da Verminator" suffered an unfortunate defeat fighting the aliens north of the mountain range known as "Da Lump". The large Ork settlement of Grank was encircled by Tyranid forces, who goaded the Orks to attack. This they did, and the Ork army soon became cut off from its supply base, despite taking few casualties and destroying a large number of Tyranid bio-soldiers.

The strategic result was a setback for the Orks, as thier unsupplied army of Grank soon fell apart, turning to fight among each other for what resources remained. The Tyranids then simply waited until the Orks had annihilated themselves, before consuming their biomass. The Tyranids were growing in strength once more on Kallack.

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