Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tyranids cleansed from North West Betor

Following Hathek's notice of full scale invasion, the first fresh forces to arrive in the system were three Cerberex regiments, originally bound for Tarsis Major. While General Cunningham fumed about the loss of these extra elite troops, they were soon put into useful action on Betor by the Inquisitor, who had by 0107.009M42 taken full control of military operations on the planet.

The Cerberex Guard units were deployed in the north west of the planet, near the settlements of Herzbach and Sternbach, close to where the initial Tyranid encounters had taken place. The high proportion of armour in the elite Cerberex formations quickly made itself felt against the aliens in the relatively open ground of the Westliche Ebenen, and on the first day of the advance the alien death toll had already become horrific. Hellhound flame tanks, Leman Russ Demolishers and brand new Vendetta Gunships laid waste to the Tyranid hordes. In under three days the Imperial forces reached the central hive node of the north-western infestation and destroyed it using fire and explosives. Soon after the region was declared cleansed.

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