Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chaos factions vie for supremacy

By the end of 05.011M42 it was obvious that the Imperium were going to win on Parthenope. The system was totally cut off and even with Thok's machinations in the Vastrid sector the Imperial fleet ensured that no reinforcements would be reaching the chaos ground forces, save those summoned by the infernal pacts with the warp. The factions of chaos had therefore decided to abandon the world to its fate, summoning daemons to aid them to ensure the utmost bloodshed amongst the Imperial invasion force.

With Parthenope all but lost, the various factions which made up the chaos presence in the Aleph sector continued their struggle for dominance. Three of the major factions were vying for the overall control of chaos forces in the region, but of late Lorek's title as Master of Chaos had crumbled to ashes. Now the Shadow Suns and the Covenant of Damnation held dominant positions.

Lorek first attempted to wrestle control over the Covenant, in a ritual-esque engagement of daemonic forces on Parthenope. The daemons of Lorek clashed with those loyal to the Covenant in a battle of supremacy, but Lorek's bid for power backfired and his daemons were banished back to the warp. Later, Lorek attacked the Shadow Suns in the Vastrid subsector with similar results. The former master of chaos had lost to both his biggest rivals in the space of a week.
Meanwhile the Covenant, high on their victory over the Claws of Lorek, took on the Shadow Suns in an attempt to secure their own place as the supreme power in the Aleph sector.

Transported to the Cerrack Nebula by the warfleet of Lord Traegan, their attack on the Shadow Suns on Trian was savage and unexpected, and a daemonic horde summoned by the Covenant obliterated the Shadow Suns forces on Quim. The assault, and their bid for power was, it turned out, uneccessary. The Shadow Suns, though a formidable force, had arrived in the sector merely to indulge their lust for battle. They had no interest in setting the agenda or planning grand strategy and were happy to be directed to the most savage warzones available. The Covenant now had their mastery, but at the needless cost of forces which were badly needed in the fight against the Imperial crusade.

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