Sunday, May 01, 2011

New arrivals aid Crusade

As 04.011M42 drew to a close, new arrivals bolstered general Veers' somewhat wavering campaign in the Perseus Deeps. They immediately made their presence felt on Ares, where the Imperium stood on the brink of victory. The Dark Angels had secured Ares city and now the combined forces of the Adeptus Sororitas and mysterious Grey Knights chapter of space marines led the assault on Sindon Station, where the last of the Chaos forces were holding out.

The Grey Knights plunged into the heart of the city where a horde of daemons had been summoned to halt the Imperial attack. Daemons were however the Grey Knights' speciality, and they banished the abominations of the warp after a bloody struggle. Meanwhile the Sisters of Battle found themselves under attack from the Anticross who fought desperately to maintain a foothold on the planet. They had nowhere to retreat to, and fought all the more savagely for it. By the end of 0205.011M42 the Adeptus Sororitas had taken heavy casualties and been beaten back from their primary objectives, namely the last remaining stronghold of Chaos power on Ares. Thanks to the Grey Knights however, Ares was almost within Veers' grasp, and now at last regiments of Imperial Guard were becoming available following the passification of Bastien.

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