Sunday, May 01, 2011

Eldar continue to flex muscles

While the cracks in the Imperium began to grow, the eldar continued pursuing their own agenda in the Perseus Deeps, and reports of a heavy raid on the Anticross drew the attentions of the shadowy organisation known to a few as the Grey Knights. This daemon hunting astartes chapter diverted some of their forces, recently arrived in the sector, to the pursuit of the aliens. Their particular interest revolved around the reports of a strange avatar accompanying the recent attacks. Previously thought to be an avatar of Khaine, the daemonic embodiment of the Eldar god, the Grey Knights had enough evidence to believe it was something quite different, and exceptionally rare.

The Ordo Malleus believed the abomination accompanying the Eldar to be none other than an avatar of the Laughing God or Cegorach. This was suspected and needed to be confirmed, and if possible banished, as combined works by the Ordo Malleus and Ordo Xenos had learned that an active Eldar faction led by the Harlequin god himself could prove to be exceptionally dangerous. The Grey Knights did not achieve their mission however, and none returned from their expedition. It can only be assumed they succeeded in finding the Eldar responsible for the recent attacks in the Perseus Deeps, and were wiped out.

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