Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rumblings in the Deeps

While the Imperium concentrated their efforts on the crusade against chaos, the other races active in the Perseus Deeps were far from idle as 05.011M42 wore on. The Necrons showed their hand once again after months of inactivity, this time appearing on the chaos held world of Blight.

The forces of chaos were rightly concerned when Necrons appeared on the planet once known as Sulidaan. The system, lying close to the known Necron tomb world of Gamador would clearly be a target for the necrons, should they have expansive desires, and there was now growing suspicion that the entire region may have once been under the sway of the ancient alien race.

The first attack came on 1705.011M42, but the Necrons had clearly underestimated, or not expected, the strength of Covenant forces in the region, and the necrons phased out after a brief if violent battle. The necrons weren't done however, and just days later the aliens returned and mercilessly punished a warband of the Shadow Suns, defeating them and laying waste to several settlements on Blight. The scourge of the necrons remained a present threat.

While the necrons reappeared on Blight, the Grey Knights were also pursuing their own agenda in the Deeps. While nominally attached to the Perseus Deeps crusade against chaos, the Knights were also intent on solving the mystery of the strange Eldar who had been conducting raids apparently at random over the preceding months. The Ordo Malleus, worried by the continuing appearance of the enigmatic avatar of the laughing god, sent a significant expedition to an unknown location in mid 05.011M42. The Grey Knights successfully intercepted the eldar force, but were decisively beaten when they attempted to fight their way into one of the aliens' prohibited locations.

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