Sunday, May 08, 2011

Necrons surface on Zog

It was 05.011M42 that saw the re-emergence of the Necron threat in the Perseus Deeps. Arriving without warning on 0705.011M42 the unliving aliens fell upon the defenders of the small and unimportant planet of Zog which had only recently been wrestled from the alien grip of the ork. Unprepared to meet this new threat the local PDF called for aid and were soon joined in their defence by several units of Adeptus Sororitas battle sisters - the very same units forced to flee from Libria just weeks before.

Even the faith of the Sisters of Battle was not enough to overcome the resurgent Necrons however, and the defenders of Zog found themselves retreating in the face of their implacable foe. Veers however was reluctant to send reinforcements to the unimportant world, embroiled as he was in the messy first invasion of Parthenope. For the time being then, the defenders of Zog were on their own.

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