Monday, May 30, 2011

Necrons gain on Blight

While the forces of chaos fought amongst themselves for dominance and began their new reign of terror in the Vastrid subsector, they also found themselves on the defensive on Blight. Necron raids continued to plague the planet as 05.011M42 continued, and on 2505.011M42 the Shadow Suns were once again on hand to defend the chaos outpost. The Shadow Suns followed the trail of destroyed villages and abandoned settlements and found their enemy in the northern latitudes of the world. The chaos marines fell upon the aliens with savagery and once again forced the Necrons to phase out.

It had been a trap however, as no sooner had the Necrons been engaged in the north another force appeared further south. With limited resources to spare on their colony worlds the Claws of Lorek had to resort to summoning daemons to halt the Necron advance, but the Necrons were more than equal to the slavering hordes raised from the immaterium. Lorek's loyal servants were easily banished back to the warp and whole swathes of territory fell to the aliens. Blight was fast becoming an unwelcome sideshow in the Aleph sector and the necrons threatened to ruin Lorek's plans to restore chaos domination in the Deeps.

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