Monday, May 16, 2011

Dark Eldar raid Corticant

While Veers back was turned, concerned as he was with the full scale invasion of Parthenope. worrying reports of raids on Corticant were overlooked. At first the scores of locals going missing from settlements near Fairmoor and Wellake, far from the main Imperial base at Ironhaven, were put down to rogue bands of chaos worshippers which were still abroad in the brushland wilderness which covered much of the planet. By mid 05.011M42 however, increasing stories of wanton destruction and strangely clad warriors drew the attention of the grey knights.

While many of their number fought on Parthenope, eager to root out the seed of daemonkind as part of the crusade, one company made for Fairmoor where the latest reports had suggested something more than mere rogue chaos warbands. When they arrived they got a nasty shock, finding a Dark Eldar attack underway. The Grey Knights deployed to meet them and a fierce battle ensued. For two days the Ordo Malleus astartes were assailed by xenos forces, sweeping in on their raider vehicles. Despite repeated attempts to force the aliens back, the Grey Knights were held until the Dark Eldar had finished collecting their slave haul, and when the Imperium finally managed to make it into the burning ruins of Fairmoor, the settlement had been utterly devastated.

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